Top Ingredients to Avoid in Conventional Deodorants

Top Ingredients to Avoid in Conventional Deodorants

March 19 2024

Conventional deodorants often contain harmful ingredients that can negatively impact health. This blog post delves into the top ingredients to avoid in these products, highlighting the risks associated with each.

  1. Aluminum Compounds: Linked to health issues like breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease, aluminum compounds are commonly used in deodorants to block sweat glands.

  2. Parabens: These preservatives, such as methylparaben and propylparaben, can disrupt hormone function and have been detected in breast cancer tumors.

  3. Phthalates: Used to enhance fragrance and texture, phthalates are known endocrine disruptors associated with reproductive and developmental issues.

By understanding and avoiding these harmful chemicals, individuals can make safer choices for their personal care routine and overall well-being.

Aluminum in Deodorants: Pros and Cons

Aluminum in Deodorants: Pros and Cons You Need to Know.

May 12 2023

As a society, we are becoming increasingly in tune with the products we buy. We want to know what we put on our skin and if it is save! Key Takeaways For many years, aluminum has been a controversial ingredient in deodorants. Some people believe it's harmful to our health, while others argue that it's necessary for preventing sweat and odor.  In this article, we'll take a closer look at...

What Does Responsibly Sourced Mean

What Does Responsibly Sourced Actually Mean?

December 19 2022

As a society, we are becoming increasingly in tune with the products we buy. We want to know where our products come from, as we should! Key Takeaways As a consumer, you have a duty to be aware of the products you buy Most people are willing to pay more for products and items if they are responsibly sourced Responsibly sourced products come from companies that take measures to comply wit...

Why Plant Trees

7 Reasons Why We Should Be Planting More Trees

December 5 2022

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What Is Carbon Neutral Shipping

Carbon-Neutral Shipping: A Guide To Sustainable Business

November 21 2022

Whether we like it or not, climate change is among us. But rather than sit here and offer you doom and gloom, we're here to introduce you to carbon-neutral shipping. Key Takeaways New data from the EIA suggests that energy emissions will rise by 87 million tons in 2022 and another 25 million in 2023 Carbon-neutral shipping aims to minimize a company's carbon footprint The majority of consumer...

Sustainable Ingredients For Cosmetics

11 Ingredients For Sustainable Cosmetics

November 7 2022

Sustainable products are here to stay. But the cosmetics industry continues to churn out beauty brands with no regard for sustainable beauty. So, what are the ingredients that go into making a sustainable cosmetics line? Keep reading to find out. See Related: 13 Tips On How To Live A More Sustainable Life Key Takeaways Sustainable products and brands focus on their environmental impact They c...

What Happens When You Switch To Aluminum-Free Deodorant

What Really Happens When You Switch To Aluminum-Free Deodorant?

October 24 2022

Making the switch to natural deodorant is a big step for your armpits. But we won't lie - there is a transition period lovingly referred to as an armpit detox. We promise that the rewards of sticking through the detox period will far outweigh any stank you endure. So, let's see exactly what you can expect when making the switch to aluminum-free deodorant. See Related: 13 Tips On How To Live A M...

How Does Natural Deodorant Work

How Exactly Does Natural Deodorant Work?

October 10 2022

Plenty of folks are making the switch to natural deodorant, and for good reason. With typically plant-based ingredients, natural deodorant offers the same level of odor protection as traditional deodorants. And the active ingredients involved tend to be gentler both on your armpits as well as the planet. But for those who think natural deodorant seems too good to be true, allow us to show you e...

How To Live A More Sustainable Life

13 Tips On How To Live A More Sustainable Life

September 26 2022

Living a more sustainable lifestyle is on everyone's minds these days. Or, at least, it should be. Climate change is no longer a potential but a sobering reality. But luckily, sustainable living is not unattainable by any means. Below, we've listed various ways that you can lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Because sustainable living has both your best interests - and the planet's - in mind. S...

How To Make A Compost Pile

How To Make A Compost Pile

September 12 2022

Making compost is an easy way to incorporate zero waste strategies into your daily life. By tossing yard waste or vegetable scraps into a compost bin, you can repurpose organic waste that would otherwise fill up a landfill. So, what goes into the composting process? And how can you start making compost piles in your new compost bin? Keep reading to find out. See Related: What Are Sustainable Ma...

Sustainable Cosmetics Brands

18 Sustainable Cosmetics Brands For Eco-Friendly Beauty In 2022

August 29 2022

Sustainable beauty brands are becoming more and more common. And with it, a growing sense of awareness for plastic waste and how to leave the planet in better shape than we found it is infiltrating the beauty industry - as we speak! To celebrate sustainable beauty products, we've compiled a list of the best sustainable beauty brands out there today. Keep reading to find the next beauty brands t...

Why Use Natural Deodorant

Why Use Natural Deodorant?

August 15 2022

You've probably heard many opinions expressed about going au naturale with your armpits. But do you really know the factual benefits of natural deodorant? Below, we've listed out the top benefits you can expect from using natural deodorants. And if you can believe it, there are even more benefits beyond this list. See Related: 10 Best Deodorants And Antiperspirants For Women Who Are (Understand...

What Are Sustainable Materials

What Are Sustainable Materials?

August 1 2022

Sustainability has been a big buzzword as of late. But what exactly are sustainable materials? And why should you be seeking out companies who utilize sustainable practices in their supply chain? Below we have all of your questions answered. From how production processes can benefit from sustainable materials to how your financial contribution towards these systems can lead to a low environment...

Best Deodorant For Women Who Sweat A Lot

10 Best Deodorants And Antiperspirants For Women Who Are (Understandably) Sweating In 2022

July 18 2022

For some of us, our sweat glands just love to run rampant. But luckily, here at PAPR Cosmetics, we've compiled a list of the best deodorants for women who are looking to give excessive sweating the boot. Without further ado, let's dive into these deodorants and antiperspirants. So you can bid farewell to the all-too-common scent of sweat and odor goodbye. See Related: What Is Deodorant Made Of?...

Why Zero Waste Is Important

Why Zero Waste Is Important

July 4 2022

A zero waste lifestyle is one that aims to significantly reduce waste while investing in recyclable materials. But what exactly are the ramifications of the current waste generation we're living in? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American produces 4.4 pounds of trash a day. And this can have a devastating effect on human health, marine life, climate change, and m...

What Is Deodorant Made Of

What Is Deodorant Made Of?

June 20 2022

Many deodorants aim to prevent sweat, kill bacteria, and eliminate odor. But what other ingredients go into the making of this trifecta of personal hygiene? Turns out that there are plenty of cosmetic products out there packed with harmful ingredients. So how can you stop excessive sweating without compromising your health from over the counter products? Keep reading below to learn what traditi...

What Is Sustainable Packaging

What Is Sustainable Packaging?

June 6 2022

Plastic packaging is so outdated. Well, outdated and harmful to boot. But there are plenty of environmentally friendly packaging options out there. And plenty of sustainable packaging companies have already been putting them to use. So, what exactly constitutes sustainable packaging? And how can you be a part of the sustainable packaging solution? See Related: How To Make Natural Deodorant Sust...

How To Go Zero Waste At Home

How To Go Zero Waste At Home

May 23 2022

The zero waste lifestyle has plenty of people hooked. Not only piquing peoples' interests in zero waste living and running a zero waste home. But helping people save money when they go zero waste too. It can be difficult to know where and how to start your zero waste journey. But below are some zero waste tips to help you implement zero waste living in your own household. And who knows? Maybe ...

The Everything Stick Wins Healing Lifestyle's 13th Annual Earth Day Beauty Award

The Everything Stick Wins Healing Lifestyle's 13th Annual Earth Day Beauty Award

May 16 2022

Our latest and greatest product The Everything Stick has been making waves across the industry. And most recently was named a Healing Lifestyle's 13th Annual Earth Day Beauty Award winner under the “Best Skin Fixer Category”! We couldn't be more proud to stand alongside other beauty products that are similarly making a commitment to impact the planet as little as possible with their practices. ...

The Deep Deodorant Wins 2022 HollywoodLife Beauty Award

The Deep Deodorant Wins 2022 HollywoodLife Beauty Award

May 16 2022

You may have your favorites among our PAPR deodorant scents. But The Deep Deodorant was recently hand-picked and featured by none other than in an article titled, “2022 HollywoodLife Beauty Awards – See The Winners."   Highlighting our aluminum-free, silicone-free, paraben-free, vegan, and dermatologically tested deodorant is of course always an honor. But it's comments ...

How To Make Natural Deodorant

How To Make Natural Deodorant

May 9 2022

There's nothing more empowering than making your own natural deodorant. Handpicking ingredients, storing it in a small glass jar you can keep for over a year - it doesn't get better than that! Because we know how good this feels, we want to share that empowerment with you. Granted, your first DIY recipes might not have turned out the way you thought. But with these helpful tips, you'll be whip...

What Is The Best Natural Deodorant For Sensitive Skin

What Is The Best Natural Deodorant For Sensitive Skin?

April 25 2022

Making the switch to natural deodorant has never been easier. With so many natural deodorants out there, there's simply so many to choose from. But if you have sensitive skin, it can feel difficult to venture out. After all, you spent all that time looking for a deodorant that wouldn't cause irritation, right? Luckily, we've got a list of natural deos that won't hurt your sensitive skin. But wi...

What Are Sustainable Use Practices

What Are Sustainable Use Practices?

April 11 2022

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What Is The Difference Between Anti-Perspirant And Deodorant

What Is The Difference Between Anti-Perspirant And Deodorant?

March 28 2022

Antiperspirant, deodorant, where does it end?! All you want to do is find a product that keeps you smelling fresh without making you sweat heavily and keeps you from feeling self conscious! But all of these different terms keep getting thrown around. And it can be confusing to have to figure it all out on your own. That's why we're here to help you understand the difference between antiperspira...

When Was Deodorant Invented?

When Was Deodorant Invented?

March 14 2022

Body odor (or body odour if you're fancy) has always been a thing. But underarm deodorant hasn't. So you might be wondering, "When exactly did commercial deodorant make its way to the forefront?" Well, we're here to answer that question. B.D. (Before Deodorant) Having a pleasing scent has always been considered a desirable thing, even before plastic free deodorant hit the streets. But how did c...

What Is Zero Waste Lifestyle

What Is Zero Waste Lifestyle?

February 14 2022

With the amount of landfill waste and damage done to marine life, it's hard not to know about the zero waste movement. But just in case you're out of the loop, we're here to give you the facts. What is a zero waste lifestyle? The goal of zero waste is to eliminate waste in our everyday lives or at least advocate for waste prevention. And if you don't think it's serious, there's a Zero Waste Int...

Best Aluminum Free Deodorant And Antiperspirants For 2022

Best Aluminum Free Deodorant And Antiperspirants For 2022

January 28 2022

We don't know about you. But when we hear that there's aluminum in a deodorant, we can't help but imagine a fine layer of tin foil lurking under somebody's armpits. We know that doesn't make logical sense. But does having aluminum in your deodorant sound logical to you? Either way, with so many natural deodorants available, you can ditch the aluminum for good. And no, this doesn't mean you'll ...

10 Zero Waste Deodorant Brands That Actually Work

10 Zero Waste Deodorant Brands That Actually Work

January 27 2022

We know what you're thinking. Sure, zero waste deodorant is good for the planet. But is it actually going to work on my sweat glands? Whenever the topic of reducing our carbon footprint comes up, people tend to get skeptical. And of course, when it involves a product that you put on your body, it's only natural to be skeptical. Healthy, even. But for those skeptics out there who think natural d...

Best Plastic Free Deodorant Options For 2022

Best Plastic Free Deodorant Options For 2022

January 27 2022

Do you ever have those days where everywhere you look, there's the same thing? We're not talking about something you'd want to see everywhere like... rainbows. (What? Doesn't everybody love rainbows?) But no, we're talking about something different entirely. We're talking about plastic. Plastic is everywhere you look nowadays. And this is nothing new. But once you start to notice just how much ...

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Five foods that can cause bad body odor.

November 9 2021

Kim Eberle, 11-09-2021 Five Foods That can cause bad body odor. The most obvious form of diet-induced body odor is bad breath, but foods can cause foul smells in other ways, too, including through your sweat glands. "If you are eating high levels of certain foods, foul-smelling co...

ELLE magazine featured Papr - Paper Cosmetics all natural Deodorant as one of the best deodorants for sensitive skin.

We are part of ELLE's "15 Best Deodorants for Sensitive Skin"

September 20 2021

PAPR All Natural Deodorant featured in an article titled,  "15 BEST DEODORANTS FOR SENSITIVE SKIN" If you care about your skin and the environment, this plastic-free (and aluminum-free) deodorant is super gentle and effective. Wear ...

Natural Deodorant in biodegradable paper packaging. The Deep smells like salty seegr


September 9 2021

DIVE INTO DEEP  Our new scent THE DEEP has arrived Shop The DEEP YOU SHORE DO LOVE THIS SCENT.   The fresh ocean meets slightly fruity scents of jasmine and a hint of lemon. Imagine clean, white laundry on sun-bleached driftwood covered by a salty ocean mist.   SEAGRASS & PLUMERIA Salty Seagrass with subtle hint...

Papr Paper Cosmetics Natural Deodorant in paper packaging featured in Allures Editors favorite

PAPR is officially a ALLURE editors favorite!

August 25 2021

PAPR DEODORANT IS ALLURE APPROVED. Working on our dream, to formulate the best natural Deodorant line is exciting. Finding out it's Allure approved? We're over the moon! Allure included us in their new favorite beauty Products of July and gave their official seal of approval. ...

Five facts about armpits. Take care of your pits with paper cosmetics natural deodorant

Five facts you didn't know about your underarms.

July 21 2021

5 FACTS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT YOUR UNDERARMS. STUNNING  HAPPY PITS FACTS  Your armpit is the area underneath your upper arm, where it connects to your shoulder. The official anatomical term is axilla and this part of your body is truly amazing. Here are some ...

Paper Cosmetics natural deodorant in biodegradable and recyclable zero waste packaging.

What is the Plastic Free July initiative?

July 21 2021

WHat is Plastic free July ? Join the initiative for a better tomorrow. "There are plenty of ways to cut down on our plastic use. its all about planning to swap when your current plastic version breaks/runs out."   Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution - so we can have clea...

Why Some People Still Smell, Even After Using Natural Deodorant

Why Some People Still Smell, Even After Using Natural Deodorant

June 24 2021

Why Some People Still Smell, Even After Using Natural Deodorant Sweating is Natural Natural deodorant can be a challenge as they are not formulated to prevent you f...