What Does Responsibly Sourced Mean

What Does Responsibly Sourced Actually Mean?

December 19 2022

As a society, we are becoming increasingly in tune with the products we buy. We want to know where our products come from, as we should! Key Takeaways As a consumer, you have a duty to be aware of the products you buy Most people are willing to pay more for products and items if they are responsibly sourced Responsibly sourced products come from companies that take measures to comply wit...

How To Make A Compost Pile

How To Make A Compost Pile

September 12 2022

Making compost is an easy way to incorporate zero waste strategies into your daily life. By tossing yard waste or vegetable scraps into a compost bin, you can repurpose organic waste that would otherwise fill up a landfill. So, what goes into the composting process? And how can you start making compost piles in your new compost bin? Keep reading to find out. See Related: What Are Sustainable Ma...

Sustainable Cosmetics Brands

18 Sustainable Cosmetics Brands For Eco-Friendly Beauty In 2022

August 29 2022

Sustainable beauty brands are becoming more and more common. And with it, a growing sense of awareness for plastic waste and how to leave the planet in better shape than we found it is infiltrating the beauty industry - as we speak! To celebrate sustainable beauty products, we've compiled a list of the best sustainable beauty brands out there today. Keep reading to find the next beauty brands t...

The Everything Stick Wins Healing Lifestyle's 13th Annual Earth Day Beauty Award

The Everything Stick Wins Healing Lifestyle's 13th Annual Earth Day Beauty Award

May 16 2022

Our latest and greatest product The Everything Stick has been making waves across the industry. And most recently was named a Healing Lifestyle's 13th Annual Earth Day Beauty Award winner under the “Best Skin Fixer Category”! We couldn't be more proud to stand alongside other beauty products that are similarly making a commitment to impact the planet as little as possible with their practices. ...