What Is Deodorant Made Of

What Is Deodorant Made Of?

June 20 2022

Many deodorants aim to prevent sweat, kill bacteria, and eliminate odor. But what other ingredients go into the making of this trifecta of personal hygiene? Turns out that there are plenty of cosmetic products out there packed with harmful ingredients. So how can you stop excessive sweating without compromising your health from over the counter products? Keep reading below to learn what traditi...

When Was Deodorant Invented?

When Was Deodorant Invented?

March 14 2022

Body odor (or body odour if you're fancy) has always been a thing. But underarm deodorant hasn't. So you might be wondering, "When exactly did commercial deodorant make its way to the forefront?" Well, we're here to answer that question. B.D. (Before Deodorant) Having a pleasing scent has always been considered a desirable thing, even before plastic free deodorant hit the streets. But how did c...