What Is Sustainable Packaging

What Is Sustainable Packaging?

June 6 2022

Plastic packaging is so outdated. Well, outdated and harmful to boot. But there are plenty of environmentally friendly packaging options out there. And plenty of sustainable packaging companies have already been putting them to use. So, what exactly constitutes sustainable packaging? And how can you be a part of the sustainable packaging solution? See Related: How To Make Natural Deodorant Sust...

10 Zero Waste Deodorant Brands That Actually Work

10 Zero Waste Deodorant Brands That Actually Work

January 27 2022

We know what you're thinking. Sure, zero waste deodorant is good for the planet. But is it actually going to work on my sweat glands? Whenever the topic of reducing our carbon footprint comes up, people tend to get skeptical. And of course, when it involves a product that you put on your body, it's only natural to be skeptical. Healthy, even. But for those skeptics out there who think natural d...

Paper Cosmetics natural deodorant in biodegradable and recyclable zero waste packaging.

What is the Plastic Free July initiative?

July 21 2021

WHat is Plastic free July ? Join the initiative for a better tomorrow. "There are plenty of ways to cut down on our plastic use. its all about planning to swap when your current plastic version breaks/runs out."   Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution - so we can have clea...