Sustainable Ingredients For Cosmetics

11 Ingredients For Sustainable Cosmetics

November 7 2022

Sustainable products are here to stay. But the cosmetics industry continues to churn out beauty brands with no regard for sustainable beauty. So, what are the ingredients that go into making a sustainable cosmetics line? Keep reading to find out. See Related: 13 Tips On How To Live A More Sustainable Life Key Takeaways Sustainable products and brands focus on their environmental impact They c...

How Does Natural Deodorant Work

How Exactly Does Natural Deodorant Work?

October 10 2022

Plenty of folks are making the switch to natural deodorant, and for good reason. With typically plant-based ingredients, natural deodorant offers the same level of odor protection as traditional deodorants. And the active ingredients involved tend to be gentler both on your armpits as well as the planet. But for those who think natural deodorant seems too good to be true, allow us to show you e...

Why Use Natural Deodorant

Why Use Natural Deodorant?

August 15 2022

You've probably heard many opinions expressed about going au naturale with your armpits. But do you really know the factual benefits of natural deodorant? Below, we've listed out the top benefits you can expect from using natural deodorants. And if you can believe it, there are even more benefits beyond this list. See Related: 10 Best Deodorants And Antiperspirants For Women Who Are (Understand...

How To Make Natural Deodorant

How To Make Natural Deodorant

May 9 2022

There's nothing more empowering than making your own natural deodorant. Handpicking ingredients, storing it in a small glass jar you can keep for over a year - it doesn't get better than that! Because we know how good this feels, we want to share that empowerment with you. Granted, your first DIY recipes might not have turned out the way you thought. But with these helpful tips, you'll be whip...