Why Use Natural Deodorant

Why Use Natural Deodorant?

You've probably heard many opinions expressed about going au naturale with your armpits. But do you really know the factual benefits of natural deodorant?

Below, we've listed out the top benefits you can expect from using natural deodorants. And if you can believe it, there are even more benefits beyond this list.

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The many benefits of natural deodorant

Traditional deodorants are all good and fine. Well, not really...

#1. Natural deodorant doesn't stop you from sweating

Conventional deodorants are designed to stop you from sweating. But the main way they manage to do this is by clogging up both your eccrine glands and apocrine glands.

Those are the two types of sweat glands that your body has. And it's important for each of them to sweat out any toxins that have built up in the body over time.

#2. Sweating helps the body release toxins

Sweat is actually a good thing for your body. When your body is sweating, it is releasing toxins and other waste.

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While sweating under your armpits might not feel like the most enjoyable sensation, it's a natural process all bodies are meant to experience. Think of sweat as any other normal bodily function - because that's what it is.

#3. Natural deodorant still combats body odor and soaks up moisture

This isn't to say that natural deodorant will make you stink. In fact, many natural deodorants offer a rather pleasant scent from naturally derived ingredients.

And with ingredients like baking soda or arrowroot powder, your armpits will still be able to soak up any excess moisture or sweat. And all without clogging up your pores.

#4. And it does so using only natural ingredients

Instead of clogging your pores, natural deodorant neutralizes bacteria that would otherwise cause odor. For example, some natural deodorants use tea tree oil for its antibacterial properties.

Other essential oils also help to neutralize odor-causing bacteria. And all without getting rid of natural bacteria you need to keep your armpits safe and healthy.

#5. Unlike a regular deodorant, natural deodorant doesn't pose health risks

Potential health risks have been associated with the use of traditional deodorant. Namely the possibility of breast cancer and/or Alzheimer's disease.

While there isn't a definite correlation between the two, many choose to use natural deodorants for peace of mind. Without harsh chemicals, natural, aluminum free deodorant still manages to get the job done, neutralizing body odor and contributing to one's health.

#6. Most natural deodorants are skin friendly

If you have sensitive skin, you might be worried about using a natural deodorant with baking soda. But luckily, there are many that use other natural ingredients like arrowroot powder or cornstarch.

Some natural deodorants may offer you a skin conditioning feel

These natural alternatives help to soak up moisture without causing any skin irritation. So yes, those with sensitive skin can still partake in a natural deodorant or two.

#7. Natural deodorants don't contain toxic chemicals like aluminum

One of the biggest antiperspirant ingredients is aluminum. But aluminum itself can pose certain health concerns that many aren't willing to chance.

Plus, when aluminum and other chemicals in your traditional deodorants build up on the skin, they can mix with the bacteria that causes sweat. And this makes your body odor even worse.

And if that doesn't convince you, aluminum and chemicals in your antiperspirants can cause stains on your clothing's fabric. No thanks!

Bonus: Why Zero Waste Is Important

#8. A natural deodorant with witch hazel may smooth razor burn and shrink pores

With so many different natural ingredients, natural deodorant works not only to stop odor in its tracks. But to protect your skin as well.

It has been found that natural deodorant with witch hazel may help to smooth over razor burn and even shrink your pores. Talk about a deodorant doing double duty when antiperspirants just cause trouble.

#9. Using natural deodorants with responsible ingredients helps ensure that the environment is protected too

Using plant based ingredients in your deodorant isn't only beneficial for your skin. But for the environment too.

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By using ingredients like essential oils or coconut oil, these deodorant companies are pulling from natural sources. Not creating harmful chemicals like propylene glycol that can wreak havoc on your skin and the environment.

#10. Traditional deodorants may use artificial fragrances that can cause allergic reactions

Many store bought deodorants will contain artificial fragrances. And these can do a number on your body if you have particularly sensitive skin.

Since antiperspirants use any number of chemicals, it's not uncommon for people to develop an allergic reaction to the product. And all because these non-essential ingredients are trying to mess with your natural body chemistry.

#11. Using a natural deodorant will help you move towards clean-living which may promote your overall health

Clean living refers to someone who lives in a healthy and morally acceptable way. And natural deodorant happens to fall into that category splendidly.

Without getting rid of good bacteria or sweat like antiperspirants, natural deodorant allows your body to proceed with its natural processes. Plus, your choice to invest in a plastic free deodorant will also have a positive effect on the environment too.

#12. Antiperspirants are designed to clog pores to keep your body from sweating

There's no need to be afraid of sweat! It's a natural process that helps your body to rid itself of toxins that may be holding you back.

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Think of it as cleansing rather than sweating. Because that's all it really is.

#13. Skin issues may increase with the use of store bought deodorants since they prohibit good bacteria from fighting off body odor naturally

This is one of the many pit falls of traditional deodorants (pun intended). Besides, you don't want to get rid of good bacteria that otherwise helps to protect you and your hair follicles too.

#14. PAPR's natural deodorant also allows you to add a zero waste product to your lifestyle

Not all deodorants have this to offer. But at PAPR Cosmetics, we're proud to have created a zero waste deodorant that allows you to live a more sustainable life.

The bottom line

With all this in mind, it's clear to see that natural deodorant is the way of the future. So go ahead and browse through our collection to start your natural deodorant journey today. 

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