What Does Responsibly Sourced Mean

What Does Responsibly Sourced Actually Mean?

As a society, we are becoming increasingly in tune with the products we buy. We want to know where our products come from, as we should!

Key Takeaways

  • As a consumer, you have a duty to be aware of the products you buy
  • Most people are willing to pay more for products and items if they are responsibly sourced
  • Responsibly sourced products come from companies that take measures to comply with environmental and human rights regulations
  • A key part of responsible sourcing comes from actively working to ensure products or items don't cause harm to the world around us

It's our responsibility to be diligent as consumers. For example, when a product is listed as "responsibly sourced," we need to know what that means.

If you're a little iffy on the definition, that's okay. We're all on this learning journey together, and we'll help you out. Here's what you need to know about the term "responsible sourcing" and what it actually means.

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    What It Means To Be A Smart Consumer

    We have a responsibility both to ourselves and our planet. As modern consumers, it's important to weigh our options and consider them all before buying something.

    Sometimes, our picks come down to price, and the cheapest option wins. But in fact, there are many more things to consider than that.

    What trumps cost more than anything is quality. We want to know that the food, goods, or services we buy are reliable and trustworthy.

    But there are a couple of critical key terms you should know about if you want to be responsible while purchasing. These terms are responsible sourcing and sustainable sourcing.

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    Responsible Sourcing Versus Sustainable Sourcing

    Let's go over the key differences between these two crucial terms.

    Responsible sourcing, also known as ethical sourcing, is when a company and its supply chain work to comply with established environmental and social compliance criteria. In addition, they carefully adhere to workplace and human rights and environmental protection regulations.

    They have a top priority toward the health and wellness of their people and their environment. Any poor practices in the supply chain should be quickly minimized and eliminated.

    On the other hand, sustainable sourcing practices take it a step further. Sustainable sourcing focuses not on just doing less harm but on doing more good.

    Sustainability starts with an awareness of sourcing issues. And an essential aspect of sustainable sourcing includes actively working to minimize the environmental impacts of the supply chains.

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    The Levels Of Responsible Sourcing

    Responsible sourcing isn't just a one-step process. Any business or supply chain needs to be active on multiple levels.

    Prevention is key. Being active in establishing clear expectations helps prevent poor practices or any integrity violations. A responsible organization will also have detection measures in place to identify and respond to breaches.

    So, how can you know if a company or business complies with ethical or responsible practices?

    You're not alone if you want to buy responsibly or sustainably sourced products! In fact, 67% of us are willing to pay more for our products if they come from socially responsible companies.

    But the peace of mind you get buying from ethical and accountable companies is unmatched. After all, we have a profound and fantastic responsibility to our planet and people!

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    How To Identify A Responsible Supply Chain

    How can we tell if suppliers or producers are selling responsibly sourced items?

    Even if a company is acting ethically in the final stages of manufacturing, that doesn't mean they were responsible in the beginning. Supply chains are long and complex, and often products can originate in developing countries where it's common to utilize child labor or other terrible practices.

    Businesses must ensure that all of their suppliers act ethically towards the environment and their workers. Nothing should slip through the cracks in an eco-friendly production line.

    To determine if a business is ethically and responsibly sourcing its products, you'll just need to look at its message. Often, companies will express their attention toward responsible sourcing in their philosophies, products, and values.

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    What Ethical Or Responsible Practices Look Like

    Businesses and supply chains can express their values in many different ways. It's up to you as a consumer to find an organization that genuinely aligns with your own personal philosophies!

    Take, for instance, PAPR. Our company is founded on a couple of significant principles that apply to all aspects of our business, including our zero waste packaging practices

    Our Earth is more precious than we may realize. And it's easy for us to take it for granted. Appreciation is an active process, and too often, we give up on it halfway through.

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    The Measures We Take

    We believe in being a part of a positive change, both for our planet and for our own health. Being conscious about the beauty products we use and where they come from is one of the most essential steps in this journey.

    But our philosophies aren't just words. We put them to use. And that's key when it comes to responsible practices. We do the research to find the best ingredients for our planet and for you as well. We don't cut corners because that's what counts.

    For our iconic vegan deodorant, we only use highly versatile and recyclable materials for our packaging. Plus, each time we take down a tree, we plant a new one.

    The idea and process of responsible sourcing hit close to home for us. Because all of our efforts, both as a business and as human beings, go towards making the world a better place.

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    PAPR Cosmetics is on a mission to create conscious beauty products with as little impact on the planet as possible. Our products are fully recyclable, vegan, and cruelty-free. When we take down one tree, we plant a new one. For more information and sustainability tips, follow us on InstagramFacebookPinterestLinkedInTikTokYouTube, and Tumblr.