What Is Carbon Neutral Shipping

Carbon-Neutral Shipping: A Guide To Sustainable Business

Whether we like it or not, climate change is among us. But rather than sit here and offer you doom and gloom, we're here to introduce you to carbon-neutral shipping.

Key Takeaways

  • New data from the EIA suggests that energy emissions will rise by 87 million tons in 2022 and another 25 million in 2023
  • Carbon-neutral shipping aims to minimize a company's carbon footprint
  • The majority of consumers now favor eco-friendly and sustainable brands
  • Carbon neutrality can actually help businesses save money in the long-run

Carbon-neutral shipping is just one of the many sustainable practices businesses can implement to reduce their environmental impact. So let's get into all the benefits that carbon-neutral shipping brings.

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What is carbon-neutral shipping?

Carbon neutrality refers to practices that produce a net zero amount of carbon dioxide. So carbon-neutral shipping effectively aims to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the shipping process.

Logistics industry and electric vehicles are implementing carbon neutral practices

Shipping practices can refer to everything from supply chain practices to packing materials to shipping costs to greenhouse gases. Suffice it to say that carbon-neutral shipping envelopes a lot of carbon-neutral strategies all in one.

Why implement carbon-neutral shipping?

Shipping emissions currently account for roughly 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions. And that percentage is only growing.

Consumers care about their carbon footprint

A recent study found that nearly 70% of consumers in North America genuinely care about a company's carbon footprint. They want to know that they're giving their money to companies that have climate change in mind.

That's why we're especially proud to offer carbon-neutral shipping here at PAPR Cosmetics. We understand that sustainable shipping solutions are important not only to our customers but to the planet as well.

Carbon dioxide emissions can actually cost businesses more in the long-run

Did you know that standard shipping actually costs businesses more money than carbon-neutral shipping options? This all has to do with the current shipping industry and its relationship to waste.

When companies work to reduce carbon emissions, they end up eliminating waste by default, allowing them to save on overall costs while maintaining responsibility for their own carbon footprint.

Reducing carbon emissions can also minimize waste

There's no question that more and more consumers are shopping online now. But this also means that consumers are then tasked with disposing of packaging waste.

UPS carbon neutral options generally range between 5 cents for ground shipping and 20 cents for air packages

This can contribute to the already high carbon emissions as burning waste utilizes fossil fuels and ultimately adds to your overall business carbon emissions. But easy swaps like using biodegradable materials, plant-based materials, or recycled kraft paper can help you offset your business carbon footprint while securing you an eco-conscious customer base.

Our biodegradable deodorant tubes, for example, make the perfect addition to any compost pile. And with only natural ingredients in our deodorants, we cultivate peace of mind knowing that any product that goes to "waste" simply returns back to the Earth where it once belonged.

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How to implement carbon-neutral shipping

Ready to jump on the carbon-neutral bandwagon? Here are some ways you can implement carbon neutrality in your business practices:

#1. Determine your current carbon emissions

To start, take a look at how your shipping practices contribute to your overall footprint. Calculate fuel consumption, delivery trucks, and carbon emitted to help you target which areas you need to improve.

#2. Implement eco-friendly packaging materials

Next, consider utilizing recyclable packing materials like corrugated bubble wrap and evaluate how much packaging you use in the first place. Sometimes, a shipping company can mistake a lighter package for one with a smaller DIM weight.

Papr cosmetics offers carbon neutral practices for positive environmental impact

But if that package takes up more room than a heavier one, it ultimately contributes more to the carbon-neutral shipping cost. Instead, try to minimize the amount of packaging used as a sustainable practice.

You'd be surprised at how much of an impact this single change can make. At PAPR, our products are all certified climate neutral and produced with solar power.

#3. Redesign your shipping routes to maximize energy efficiency

Carbon offsets are a great way to start reducing emissions while also maximizing your shipment's transport. For example, at PAPR, we ensure maximum sustainable production of our eco-deodorants by using the shortest possible transport routes in the US.

This way, we're able to maximize our reduction in pollution that would otherwise be caused by transportation on our end. Other businesses implement these practices by distributing their inventory across fulfillment center locations.

But ultimately, with carbon-offset shipping, this strategy helps a business reduce their carbon footprint as carriers transport packages in shorter distances and can even help optimize last-mile delivery.

#4. Purchase carbon offsets

Purchasing carbon offsets helps a company decrease its overall footprint while contributing financially to eco-friendly projects and funds. Over time, these "carbon credits" as they're referred to can be used to offset your shipping process.

Shop zero waste deodorant at paper cosmetics and enjoy variety of scents

While this carbon fund can enable carbon-neutral shipping, it's important to note that carbon offset programs exist simply to offset the impact carbon has. These programs aren't working toward decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Final thoughts

Eco-friendly practices are something every business should be investing in. Because being environmentally conscious isn't just a passing fad.

It's a commitment to the longevity of the Earth and future generations that hope to inhabit it. 

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