Why Plant Trees

7 Reasons Why We Should Be Planting More Trees

Often, it's easy to overlook the beautiful things that are always surrounding us. For example, though critical for healthy lives and a healthy planet, trees are often taken for granted.

Key Takeaways

  1. Trees revitalize our oxygen to help us breathe clean air
  2. Gases like carbon dioxide are stored in trees and other plants
  3. Closeness to trees helps boost our mental health
  4. Planting a tree connects us to a broader life purpose
  5. Trees give shelter and a home to the animal and bird species of this world
  6. Trees filter our water and provide support to the soil
  7. Much of the natural shade of our world comes from trees

Even if we feel extremely in tune with nature, we may forget the vast and powerful ways trees shape our daily lives and thus our eco-friendly way of living. Here are only a few of the many reasons why we should be planting trees.

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1. Planting Trees Helps Refresh Our Oxygen

We all know that without clean oxygen, our health can quickly deteriorate. Without greenery and trees, our air would soon become stagnant and unbreathable.

The benefits of planting trees are many. But perhaps one of the greatest is heavily tied to our air supply. Trees filter out impurities lurking in the air, such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. This is how trees clean the air.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and are also responsible for releasing oxygen. So if you want to help fuel this natural cleansing process, start planting more trees!

2. Trees Eat Up Greenhouse Gases

Trees undergo a process known as photosynthesis. This is how greenery naturally absorbs and stores CO2.

Trees are excellent at eating up greenhouse gases that linger in our atmosphere. Nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases are absorbed by trees and other plants. Without vast forests in our world, the environment and atmosphere around us would be in imminent danger.

It should go without saying that trees get a gold medal in efficiently and effectively eating up CO2.

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3. Greenery Is Excellent For Boosting Our Mental Health

Self-care is something that never goes out of style. Finding ways to take care of our physical and mental well-being is essential for a healthy and wholesome life.

Surrounding yourself with greenery and even taking the time to plant a tree can bring unparalleled benefits to your mental health. After all, there's a reason why we have an inner desire to have proximity to nature.

Green spaces have a powerful hold on our hearts. And treating the world around us with respect can help us feel empowered and even reduce stress.

Protecting Our Planet One Product At A Time

Here at PAPR, we believe in this fundamental principle. That's why we work with non-profit organizations like One Tree Planted to give back to the world around us and plant trees.

Plus, our natural zero-waste deodorants are biodegradable and vegan, with packaging made from FSC-certified, responsibly sourced paper. Our mission is to protect our planet here and now and make it a safe and healthy place for even our future generations.

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4. Tree Planting Connects Us To Nature

Even if we are obsessed with gadgets or social media, we are still human beings that thrive in nature. Tree planting connects us with a greater life purpose and motivates us to create positive changes.

Trees produce more than physical benefits. The way green spaces and trees connect with our hearts is unexplainable. It's something so powerful and meaningful.

If you're looking for an excuse to get outside and experience the outdoors, plant a tree! There are countless benefits of planting trees for your inner health and peace, and the world around you.

Wondering where to get started? Check out organizations like One Tree Planted to learn more about how a single tree can alter the course of the world.

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5. Trees Give Shelter To The Wildlife Around Us

It's not just humans that rely on trees. The entire ecosystem of this world needs greenery and trees to survive.

Many species rely on trees for their homes and life support. Vast forests or just a single tree can be the home for countless animals and many birds.

Without trees, many animals and birds would be left without safe and sustainable homes. Trees provide the shelter that the animals and other organisms of this world need to survive.

6. Trees Filter Our Water

Without trees, our oxygen would be unbreathable. But did you know that the same goes for our water?

The water cycle is complex and extensive, but it ultimately ensures that we have usable and drinkable water. And without trees, none of it would be possible.

Water isn't just stored in lakes or reservoirs. Trees also hold an enormous amount of H2O. And trees are also responsible for filtering this water as well. Trees filter pollutants and soil particles that linger in water to help make it clean.

In addition, trees support the earth itself whenever excessive rainwater or flooding tries to erode the soil. Leaf canopies help reduce the damaging effects of falling rain, and tree roots keep the ground stable.

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7. Trees Give Us Cooling Shade

Especially in the summer, rising temperatures are pretty common. But unfortunately, high temperatures can be disastrous for our natural environment and the animals that live with us.

Trees serve to cool the atmosphere around us by naturally providing shade. And especially when a heat wave rolls in, a little bit of extra shade can be exceptionally helpful in ensuring we don't overheat (and some good vegan deodorant too!). 

Trees are essential for healthy lives and a healthy planet, no question. And taking the time to plant trees can help extensively. So if you want to be a positive change in this precious world, planting trees can do more than you may realize!

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