Best Aluminum Free Deodorant And Antiperspirants For 2022

Best Aluminum Free Deodorant And Antiperspirants For 2022

We don't know about you. But when we hear that there's aluminum in a deodorant, we can't help but imagine a fine layer of tin foil lurking under somebody's armpits.

We know that doesn't make logical sense. But does having aluminum in your deodorant sound logical to you?

Either way, with so many natural deodorants available, you can ditch the aluminum for good. And no, this doesn't mean you'll ditch that fresh feeling as well.

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#1. PAPR Cosmetics

Our natural deodorant - and aluminum free deodorant - at PAPR Cosmetics is here to accomplish a couple of things all in one. 1) We want you to be feeling fresh with our luscious scents.

2) We want to give you a natural deodorant option that's aluminum free and baking soda free for sensitive skin. 3) We want our message as a vegan and cruelty free brand to spread across the world.

Papr cosmetics offer a variety of deodorant options all with biodegradable packaging

And 4) We want to give back to the planet in our commitment to creating zero waste aluminum free products with biodegradable packaging. You could say we're a bit ambitious.

And maybe you're just looking for an aluminum free, baking soda free hygiene product and are happy to be on your way. But when you work with us, your pits won't just be able to absorb moisture and eliminate body odor.

Your pits will also be giving back to this planet we call home. Because for each tree we take down, we plant another one in an effort to become a climate neutral company.

Plus, you can save 15% when you subscrube to PAPR and we'll automatically plant a tree in your name. How cool is that?

Now that sounds like a lot for an aluminum free, natural deodorant cream to live up to, don't you think? But we do it everyday as a certified vegan and cruelty free deodorant company.

#2. Native

Native deodorant has been around for a while. So many people are familiar with their aluminum free deodorants that are also paraben free.

But what they may not know is that Native deodorant also uses coconut and tapioca starch. Not only does that coconut scent give you those sweet vacation vibes.

But it acts as an antioxidant that keeps your underarms moisturized. And the tapioca starch is there to help you keep your pits dry.

So no, it's not just automatically adding moisture to your already sweaty pits. Instead, it's keeping the skin under your arms moisturized for renewed health while simultaneously soaking up excess moisture you can do without.

Talk about a natural aluminum free deodorant you'll enjoy putting on everyday.

#3. Sweet Pitti

You might know Drunk Elephant for its other cosmetic products. But their Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream is sure to become your next favorite of theirs.

In fact, this natural aluminum free deodorant is particularly useful for those with sensitive skin. Their formula is not only one of the best aluminum free deodorants out there.

But they're also free of baking soda, artificial fragrances, and essential oils. So if you just want to bid farewell to body odor and welcome in no unfamiliar scents to your already sensitive skin, consider these aluminum free deodorants your new best friend

Because these natural deodorants have your back. Or, your pits rather.

#4. Humble

Alright, this one is for the essential oil fans. Because Humble knows how to use essential oils like no other.

Their paraben-free, non-GMO vegan formula includes only a few natural ingredients meant to offer odor protection and soak up moisture. So you don't have to worry about trying to pronounce a bunch of weird things on the back of the label.

Instead, you'll be soothed to see that coconut, corn starch, and beeswax make up the bulk of this product. No baking soda or aluminum salts in these aluminum free deodorants.

Just the addition of a few essential oils to make for some delicious smelling natural deodorant!

#5. Each & Every

Yes, this deodorant cream is aluminum free. But what gets us more excited about Each & Every is that their packaging is entirely plant-based, made from 100% sugar cane.

Deodorants do not contain aluminum but anti perspirants do

With your purchase, this company also sends you a free shipping label. So that way you can send in your containers to ensure that they'll be recycled on your behalf.

Talk about a product that really does everything for you. And has the planet's best interests in mind.

In our book, that's an extra win due to their sustainability efforts. And all you have to do is swipe the deodorant on!

#6. Megababe Rosy Pits

They may not guarantee that you'll feel like a Megababe when you use this product. But we sure will!

With natural ingredients like sage, green tea, and cornstarch, this aluminum free deodorant is perfect for fighting odor inducing bacteria all without irritating baking soda.

And it also avoids common irritants like alcohol, making it safe for each and every skin type out there. Trust us, it'll make your pits blush. (Get it? Because it's Rosy Pits? ... Okay, we'll work on it.)

But in all seriousness, the natural ingredients used make this deodorant company a standout. Because they're not only soothe the skin under your arms.

But they'll simultaneously being killing off odor causing bacteria that would otherwise make you stinky. They really do think of everything, don't they?

#7. Eir NYC

Yet another brand that takes our breath away is none other than Eir NYC. Their sustainable packaging will remind you of those push-pop sticks you used to get as a child.

And the scents they use will make it hard for you to resist taking a taste. But don't!

All that luscious fir scent is meant for your underarms. And your underarms alone. Although if you did taste an aluminum free deodorant, at least you wouldn't be eating aluminum...

(Please note that we are absolutely not condoning that you eat aluminum. Just in case that wasn't clear...)

#8. Kosas Chemistry AHA Serum

Looking for a different way to apply your hygienic aluminum free products? Then try out Kosas Chemistry AHA Serum Deo!

With a roll-on applicator, this aluminum free deodorant is not only a boss at fighting odor. But its AHA acids also work to prevent ingrown hairs, soothe irritated skin, and brighten up your underarms.

Sure seems to tick a lot of boxes, don't you think? So go on, introduce yourself to this aluminum free deodorant. You won't regret it!

#9. Nécessaire

Nécessaire has "cool" written all over it. Not only does their sleek container look like a runway model gracing your bathroom counter.

Its cooling eucalyptus scent will refresh your underarms in a way you didn't know they needed refreshing. In addition, kaolin clay, zinc, and silica join together to keep your skin dry.

While lactic and mandelic acids help to neutralize odor. If there's any aluminum free deodorant that could teach you how to keep your cool, it's this one.

#10. Real Purity

Some of you have been asking for a liquid formula for forever. And Real Purity decided to heed your call!

These deodorants come in a variety of forms like cream liquid spray stick and so on

Their natural and quick-drying aluminum free deodorants can withstand even the hottest months of the year. Not to mention that its aloe juice makes for the perfect companion to someone with dry skin.

Did we mention it's a roll-on applicator too? There's just too much to love!

#11. Beautycounter The Clean Duo

We love a refillable product as much as anyone. And Beautycounter's The Clean Duo simply does not disappoint.

Not only do their natural deodorants contain an aluminum free formula. But their product simply glides on smoothly without leaving any white residue.

Besides, their scents of coconut, lavender, and rose are already winners in our books. So everything else just feels like the cherry on top.

Okay, maybe they don't have a cherry scent to go with it all. But you get what we mean!

#12. Piper Wai

Looking to introduce some activated charcoal to your pits? Then look no further than Piper Wai.

This unisex product is vegan and contains natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter for easy application. And don't worry about the charcoal going on black.

It rubs in clear and melts into your skin while shea butter moisturizes to keep those sensitive skin types protected. Plus, it'll keep you smelling fresh all day long. (Ah, all the words we like to hear!)

#13. Love Beauty and Planet

We get it. You don't want to settle down. And that's why we think you'll hit it off with Love Beauty and Planet.

Their scents rotate every now and then. And their plant based deodorizers can offer you 24 hour odor protection.

Not to mention that their formula is vegan and cruelty-free with absolutely no animal testing. Seriously, this has to be one of our favorites!

#14. Corpus California

First of all, what a name, right? Second, it definitely lives up to it.

Corpus California's vegan formula is filled with an array of scents. All of which will have you feeling like you're walking down the California coast.

Let that ocean breeze hit you with sea salt, bergamot, white musk, and jasmine. And take a selfie with this packaging - it's too pretty not to!

#15. Hatch Mama Fresh Mama

For all the newbie parents out there, this one's for you. Hatch Mama's natural formula is perfect for those with sensitive, hormonal, and pregnant skin.

Some of these formulas are particularly good for pregnant people

Arrowroot will help to keep you dry. Coconut oil will deodorize with ease.

And probiotics will help you balance your skin's microbiome. Basically, you just get to focus on you during this special time.

Natural deodorant vs. antiperspirants

Now that you have an idea of the best aluminum free deodorants out there, it's time to straighten some things up. Oftentimes, "deodorant" and "antiperspirant" will be used interchangeably.

But they're not actually the same thing. And calling a deodorant aluminum free is actually an oxymoron.

You see, no true deodorant contains aluminum. Instead, they may contain artificial fragrances and ingredients meant to reduce body odor.

But antiperspirants actively clog up your sweat glands to keep you from sweating. And they do that through the use of aluminum.

While there is still a need for more scientific evidence, the presence of aluminum in deodorant has been linked to health risks such as breast cancer. And this is why aluminum free deodorant is having its moment in the limelight.

It's not just about eliminating aluminum and baking soda and adding in corn starch for the sake of sensitive skin. It's about caring for your overall health and offering you an aluminum free deodorant option.

This way, you can enjoy the fresh scent of your deodorant with peace of mind. And you won't be sacrificing your health for the sake of smelling fresh.

Free to be

We hope you enjoyed our take on the best aluminum free products out there. And we hope you'll feel a little more comfortable going out there to introduce yourself.

All of these natural deodorants have you and your pits' best interests in mind. So really, what do you have to lose?

From all of us here at PAPR Cosmetics, we're rooting for you on your zero waste, aluminum free journey!

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PAPR Cosmetics is on a mission to create conscious beauty products with as little impact on the planet as possible. Our products are fully recyclable, vegan, and cruelty-free. When we take down one tree, we plant a new one. For more information and sustainability tips, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, and Tumblr.