What Is Zero Waste Lifestyle

What Is Zero Waste Lifestyle?

With the amount of landfill waste and damage done to marine life, it's hard not to know about the zero waste movement. But just in case you're out of the loop, we're here to give you the facts.

What is a zero waste lifestyle?

The goal of zero waste is to eliminate waste in our everyday lives or at least advocate for waste prevention. And if you don't think it's serious, there's a Zero Waste International Alliance - so you know they're the real deal.

Zero waste living can seem intimidating to some. After all, we're so used to plastic packaging and discarded materials.

And while reducing waste may not happen overnight, there are ways that you can implement zero waste living into your everyday choices. Okay, okay, we hear you - What's in it for you?

Why live a zero waste lifestyle?

Some say that the zero waste lifestyle is all about creating sustainable natural cycles and reducing our carbon footprint to benefit the world around us. But having a zero waste home actually offers its benefits to you too.

The zero waste lifestyle is actually better for human health

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, that's not really the case when it comes to waste...

Waste that we think is gone for good can actually end up in our water supplies, tainting the food we eat. Like fish who eat plastic bags or a turtle who gets its head stuck inside of plastic bottles.

Yes, these are sad images. But don't think they don't affect us just as much as those animals too.

The zero waste lifestyle is more affordable

Perhaps the greatest incentive of kickstarting one's zero waste journey is the fact that a zero waste lifestyle will actually help you save money. Just think for a moment.

Zero waste lifestyle is actually more affordable

How many sets of plastic utensils have you bought over your lifetime? And how many sets of silverware have you really gone through?

The answer is right in front of you. So if saving money is one of your top priorities, consider the zero waste lifestyle. Not for us, but for you.

How to reduce waste and transition to a zero waste lifestyle

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to waste management. So here are a couple of things you can do.

#1. Get rid of single use plastics

You know the ones. Plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic utensils, all of it. The less plastic you have, the better.

#2. Replace with reusable items instead

Try getting a reusable water bottle and reusable containers to hold your lunch everyday. That is unless you want to buy processed foods with plastic packaging on a daily basis?

#3. Notice your waste habits

The best way to reduce waste is to take a long, hard look at yourself. And in this case, we mean your waste products.

Use PAPR deodorant a zero waste deodorant that comes in biodegradable packaging

What are you actually throwing away? Is it raw materials or organic materials? Or is it a product that requires way too many resources to produce in the first place?

#4. Really start recycling

When we say recycling, we mean the whole spectrum of recycling. Whether that's recycling an item you were otherwise going to toss out.

Or save energy by recycling your plastics in a bin and letting the recycling company pick it up. Whatever works for you!

#5. Use a zero waste deodorant

Yes, these exist. And yes, we have them just for you! Our plastic free deodorants are one of the many zero waste products out there that make it easy for you to live a true zero waste lifestyle.

#6. Try thrifting over fast fashion

Buy things second hand rather than getting a shirt from Walmart you know you'll toss out in a couple of months. What? We hate to admit it but we've all been there...

#7. Compost your food scraps

If you can. While this is a great way to produce less waste, we understand that it's not always a feasible option for everyone.

But for those that have a zero waste deodorant like ours, you can toss the packaging into your compost pile after use! How convenient is that?

#8. Focus on fresh produce while grocery shopping

Do you really need that pre-cut pineapple? Or can you get the big pineapple yourself - that also costs less.

Buy fresh foods and bring your own reusable grocery bags

#9. Bring your own reusable alternatives when going out

Going to a picnic? Bring your own reusable cutlery and glass jars!

Going to a sleepover? Bring your best deodorant that's aluminum free

Okay, obviously you need to bring your own deodorant to a slumber party. But we know that your reusable alternatives will make you a trendsetter nonetheless!

#10. Invest in reusable batteries

Okay, this one just makes financial sense. Did we just hear you say that zero waste was your hero? (We definitely did.)

#11. Repurpose items instead of throwing them out

It's great if you buy recyclable products with recyclable packaging. But why not put those recycled materials to use elsewhere in your life?

#12. Buy things in bulk that are made of natural materials

Again, it makes financial sense. And it prevents an overuse of resource extraction. Two birds, one stone, right?

#13. Take a reusable bag when going to grocery stores

Super easy to do and it helps to emulate sustainable natural cycles. Also, you want to show off all the cute tote bags you have, don't you?

#14. Ditch paper towels for cloth napkins

If you have access to a washer and dryer, why not? Also cloth napkins come in pretty designs so if that's your jam, it's a no-brainer over plain white Bounty.

Reuse items and make for a more sustainable lifestyle

#15. Connect with a zero waste community

Zero waste can be difficult at times because it's all about changing your waste habits. But finding a zero waste community will help you immensely on your journey.

Zero waste for a maximum life

Zero waste isn't just a buzzword. Its ultimate goal is to better the planet and ourselves.

So get started with your zero waste intentions. You don't have to go big or go home. Start small.

Then over time, you'll find that zero waste simply becomes a natural way of life. Zero waste might sound like you're cutting down.

(And you are.) But zero waste is so much more about gaining better things in life.


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