How To Go Zero Waste At Home

How To Go Zero Waste At Home

The zero waste lifestyle has plenty of people hooked. Not only piquing peoples' interests in zero waste living and running a zero waste home.

But helping people save money when they go zero waste too. It can be difficult to know where and how to start your zero waste journey.

But below are some zero waste tips to help you implement zero waste living in your own household. And who knows? Maybe you'll convince your friends to join the zero waste lifestyle with you!

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Zero waste tips for a zero waste home

The zero waste lifestyle can seem intimidating at first. But take it from the zero waste tips below - it's really just small changes that can set you on the right path toward sustainable living.

#1. Switch to zero waste deodorant

When it comes to zero waste ideas, it's always best to look at what you use everyday. Most people use deodorant everyday, producing plastic waste. So why not opt for a zero waste deodorant that comes in biodegradable packaging?

Even a natural deodorant that comes in a glass jar is perfect for finding other zero waste alternatives. So you're not filling up your trash can with empty plastic deodorant containers that wind up in landfills.

Small zero waste efforts like these can make a huge difference over time. When you're getting started with zero waste living, simply look at what you use everyday and look for small changes you can make.

#2. Eliminate plastic where you can

Plastic waste has a way of never quite going away. So look around your house for any of the following: plastic water bottles, plastic bags, plastic containers, plastic utensils, plastic straws, plastic toothbrushes, plastic packaging, plastic produce bags, and more.

CO2 is the biggest form of human waste currently

All of these have easy zero waste alternatives, like plastic free deodorant so you can produce less waste and even save money. So switch out your plastic bottles for a reusable water bottle, a cloth bag for a plastic bag, and a glass jar for a plastic container.

Plus, there are reusable sandwich bags nowadays and you can even encourage your local supermarket to get rid of plastic bags altogether! Zero waste living has a way of integrating itself into every facet of your life.

But by bringing your own containers to the grocery store or investing in reusable paper towels, you can head the charge towards a zero waste lifestyle easy peasy!

#3. Switch out paper towels for cloth towels

Paper towels, wax paper, and toilet paper are just some of the most common paper goods every household will have lying around. But rather than using a paper towel once, then tossing it, use dish cloths or cloth napkins instead.

It's a small way to reduce waste and limit your carbon footprint at the same time. (Since you won't be driving to the store every time you run out of a paper goods!)

And when it comes to toilet paper, buy brands that use recycled material. This small change is just one way that you can start saving resources.

#4. Tote reusable grocery bags while grocery shopping

While abandoned shopping bags may be considered "the most beautiful things in the world" according to the 1999 film American Beauty, the planet has other opinions on shopping bags. As in, she hates them.

So why not please her by toting around some reusable shopping bags and even some produce bags for when you're wanting to protect those precious fruits and veggies. It's an easy switch to cloth bags and they can easily be stored in your car before entering the store. (Saves money too!)

#5. Start a compost pile to reduce food waste

Obviously, zero waste living has a lot to say about food waste. But if you have the means in your own backyard, or know a local sharing economy compost pile, consider offering your food scraps back to the earth.

Papr deodorant offers zero waste deodorant for your cosmetic needs

Not only will you reduce waste by repurposing food scraps. But you'll also have made your own healthy soil from food scraps for growing the next round of fruits and veggies you intend on consuming. It's all one big cycle of life. Talk about sustainable living!

#6. Buy products with recyclable packaging materials

Not to toot out own horn, but remember how we mentioned that our deodorant comes in biodegradable packaging? Well, we're not the only ones!

Plenty of other companies have decided to go zero waste, forgoing plastic packaging and plastic wrap for more sustainable options. And if you find yourself bulk buying, bring your own reusable bag and reusable containers like mason jars to collect your items without succumbing to the wrath of bulk stores' plastic bags.

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#7. Cut out junk mail and go paperless

While some paper goods are preferable to a zero waste lifestyle, others simply waste paper - like junk mail. Instead, opt for a paperless communique, reducing waste in both the literal and metaphorical sense.

Do you really need to be getting a paper advertisement in the mail for that new drain cleaner every week? Or can you go zero waste shopping on the web when you need a new zero waste toothpaste or two?

#8. Swap tea bags for loose leaf tea

Using loose leaf tea and french press coffee are both great ways to produce less waste and still get that caffeine buzz. Besides, if you've got a compost pile going, simply toss the coffee grounds or tea leafs on top and watch them give to new life.

Start a compost pile or join a zero waste community

#9. Switch to bar soap over liquid soap

Bar soap typically comes with less packaging than liquid soap - unless you find a reusable glass jar. Now those are some zero waste goals!

And while you're at it, go ahead and keep a bucket in the shower for wet waste to water plants afterwards. Odds are, you're wasting a ton more water than you need to, but this helps to give back to your plant babies.

#10. Seek out other natural alternatives

Whether it's using rechargeable batteries, switching to an aluminum free deodorant, or bringing your own containers to an ice cream shop, there are plenty of things that make going zero waste easy. And at PAPR Cosmetics, we're proud to be among the companies that bring at least a few ideas to the table.

Seek out new ways to reuse reduce and recycle

So conduct a trash audit in your household to see where you push your zero waste agenda a bit further. Whether it's investing in reusable containers, opting for a bike ride to work rather than sitting in traffic, or more.

There are plenty of natural alternatives out there. Like going to thrift stores over big brand department stores. Or bringing your own water bottle made of stainless steel to fill up on cold water at the workplace.

These alternative options are just waiting for you to discover their zero waste benefits! From food storage to a thrift shop to using stainless steel containers, zero waste has you covered.

Join the zero waste movement!

Going zero waste doesn't have to be scary. And of course, change doesn't just happen overnight.

Just take things day by day. And see what little changes you can make here and there. You may find it's far easier than you think!

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