How To Live A More Sustainable Life

13 Tips On How To Live A More Sustainable Life

Living a more sustainable lifestyle is on everyone's minds these days. Or, at least, it should be.

Climate change is no longer a potential but a sobering reality. But luckily, sustainable living is not unattainable by any means.

Below, we've listed various ways that you can lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Because sustainable living has both your best interests - and the planet's - in mind.

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#1. Invest in zero-waste beauty products

At PAPR Cosmetics, we're proud to produce zero-waste products. Our plastic-free cosmetics make sure you can live sustainably without sacrificing your personal hygiene.

And our more recently launched Everything Stick makes sure that every part of your body gets the love and attention it deserves. We stock just a few items that you can easily incorporate into your sustainable lifestyle.

Plus, with every subscription to our natural deodorants, we plant a tree in your name. Not only do we strive to be an environmentally friendly beauty company; but we also aim to mitigate the environmental damage most companies inflict upon the Earth by being a carbon-neutral operation.

#2. Opt for reusable containers over single-use plastic

Single-use plastics have been filling up our landfills for quite some time now. And if not sent to the junkyard to take up space, these single-use plastics are being burned, sending even more carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Ditch paper towels for cloth towels

But plastic bottles, plastic straws, and plastic waste, in general, can easily be ditched for more reusable alternatives. Whether it's bamboo utensils in place of single-use plastic forks or cloth tote bags in place of plastic bags.

#3. Bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store

In fact, when it comes to the grocery store, you can easily bring your own bags to sidestep the plastic bags they offer at the cash register. Many supermarkets are similarly implementing new policies to offer more sustainable methods for bagging your food.

#4. Buy fair trade products whenever possible

Leading a sustainable lifestyle isn't just about reducing one's environmental impact. It's also about supporting companies that are dedicated to paying laborers a fair wage within sustainable production processes.

Look for a company's Fair Trade Certification when shopping around. To practice sustainable living is not only to care for the planet but for its human and animal inhabitants too.

#5. Drive less or drive green

Using public transportation or other car alternatives can greatly reduce energy consumption, and air pollution, and can even reduce your carbon footprint. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency estimated that a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, burning more natural resources and contributing to our overall carbon footprint.

Switch bottled water for reusable water canister

#6. Conserve household water

While many are privileged with clean and seemingly endless tap water, water remains a finite resource that we must protect. To conserve water in your own household, try installing water-efficient toilets, energy-efficient appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, and even reusing water when possible.

#7. Use eco-friendly products

Using eco-friendly cleaning products may not seem like it's aiding the fight against climate change. But it is!

Eco-friendly products are typically made of recycled materials or at least use ingredients that are more conducive to a more sustainable lifestyle. (Like palm oil - avoid palm oil as it is a major driver of deforestation which in turn contributes to poor animal welfare!)

#8. Shop locally

A big part of leading a more sustainable life is contributing to the local economy - as opposed to the global economy - whenever possible. Huge amounts of fossil fuel energy are used to ship various types of foods to supermarkets.

And most often, those foods aren't even seasonal. But when you buy local produce, you not only mitigate the need for fossil fuels; you also live sustainably by reducing your environmental footprint.

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#9. Save energy whenever possible

Using less energy is another efficient way to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Many are turning to renewable energy to fuel their homes such as through energy-efficient light bulbs.

Switch to reusable cotton pads in your beauty routine

And for more sustainable living, you can also incorporate the following eco-friendly tips: turn off unnecessary lighting, use natural light and limit air conditioning when possible, and take shorter showers, to start.

#10. Ditch fast fashion for sustainable fashion

When it comes to sustainable living, even your fashion choices can be more environmentally conscious. Buying second-hand or learning how to find sustainable materials when shopping is a much better alternative to the unethical and environmentally damaging practices of fast fashion.

#11. Reduce your meat consumption

A new study recently found that meat production alone represents 35% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the world. That's twice the pollution caused by producing plant-based foods.

So when people say, "Just eat plants," they're not messing around. Wild animals can similarly benefit from our sustainable living as such practices would limit the amount of carbon dioxide being sent into the atmosphere.

#12. Compost your food waste

It can be near-impossible for some to not waste food. But if that's the case, put your food waste to good use!

Buy papr cosmetics for sustainable cosmetics

Start a compost pile in your background, adding paper waste such as coffee cups and even our compostable deodorant tubes to the mix. You'd be surprised at how much waste you produce even now, so limit it with some of these creative ways to make your food waste work for you.

#13. Grow your own food

Furthermore, live a more sustainable lifestyle by growing your own food! With no food miles and less of a carbon footprint, you can grow something in your own backyard to be proud of and live a more sustainable lifestyle for future generations to come.

Wrapping up

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Just start with one thing from this list, implementing one small change at a time. All of it will add up eventually. 

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