Paper Cosmetics  Is Officially A Climate Neutral Company

Paper Cosmetics Is Officially A Climate Neutral Company

Our Deodorant is Climate Neutral

Deodorant produced carbon neutral  Paper Cosmetics Deodorant Climate Neutral Company

Since the day we started this company, we pledged that we will never indulge in any sort of activity which has the potential to harm our environment.

It has been our foremost priority to produce sustainable deodorants, free of any planet damaging materials or chemicals so that mother nature can flourish out of the bounds.

Despite the race most of the companies seem to be running i.e. generating revenue mindlessly without ever giving a second thought to how their actions are destroying the environment, we are determined to go green even if the odds play against us.

To ensure that we stick to our motto, we have taken some essential steps already and also coming up with new strategies to empower our ideology of producing eco-friendly products such as eco deodorants with sustainable packaging.

When we say that our deodorant is climate neutral, it means we had to change some stuff about our production so that our environment remains unharmed.

Paper Cosmetics Carbon Neutral Company

For instance

  • Shorter Transport Routes To ensure the maximum sustainable production of our eco deodorants, we made sure that we use the shortest possible transport routes in the USA. This way, we can make sure the maximum reduction in pollution is caused by transportation from our end.
  • No production overseas We understand the adverse effects of air pollution caused by transportation nowadays. We sincerely do not want to contribute to this. Hence, we make certain that not any of our production happens overseas so that our deodorants remain sustainable.
  • Decreased Ingredients In addition to using all-natural ingredients in our eco deodorants, we also strive to lessen the number of ingredients used up per deodorant. We have reduced shipping materials and do not use any marketing insert or filling material.
  • Home Office Again, air pollution is fatal. So, to refrain from it, we started a trend of home office instead of a regular office in our company so that our deodorant remains climate neutral. This step also helped us out in going green by reducing the number of trips by cars and flights
  • Digital Paper Instead of Copy Paper It is a very known fact that in order to make paper, trees have to be cut down. Now, we do not support cutting down trees as deforestation is giving way to global warming and floods! Thus, we refrain from using copy paper and as an alternative, we use digital paper.
  • Solar Power By using solar power instead of normal energy, we produce the most ecofriendly and sustainable deodorants ever.
  • Achieving the Carbon Neutrality For everything which we are not able to reduce due to unavoidable circumstances such as our FSC certified paper and some transportation, we plant trees to achieve carbon neutrality of our company.



What we Support

Guanare Forest

We support  GUANARE forest plantation in Uruguay. These forests were made up of mainly Eucalyptus Grandis plants. The project will comprise a total of 21,298 ha of land previously under extensive grazing by beef cattle, on which forest plantations for obtaining high-value, long-lived timber products and for sequestering large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere will be established.

The main objective of such movements is to establish increased wood production, land afforestation and carbon sequestration by following FSC standard for sustainable forest management.

In addition to enhancing biodiversity conservation, it is also generating earning opportunities for local communities and rural areas.


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