FSC Certified Paper

FSC Certified Paper

Forest Stewardship Council is the leading organization promoting management of the world’s forest. It is non-profit organization established in 1993 that is responsible for environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of forests. The FSC system allows consumers to identify, purchase and use paper from well managed forests.
FSC trick logo is used which clarify that products are FSC certified. While choosing FSC-certified paper can increase paper costs by up to 20 percent, it does not always cost more.
When you are buying a product which has label of FSC that means you are playing your best role to protect the life of forest.
There are many products available which contains FSC label like toilet rolls and books.
FSC also managed issues like deforestation and global warming to conserve environmental resources. It gives customer the option to choose products that are eco- friendly.

The Benefits of FSC Certified Paper
FSC certified paper is different and probably better than conventional paper. It brings economic benefits to markets, social benefits to workers, and environmental benefits to biodiversity. FSC’s forest management standards protect the natural resources of environment, protect the quality of water and prohibit the harvest of old growth forests.
FSC certified paper are natural and can be used by recycling them. It prevents the pollution of landfills and oceans.
According to FSC, the US consumes 100 million tons of paper annually, and conventional paper just makes 35% of the total amount. By using FSC certified paper one can prevent pollution and protect wild life.
Recycled paper products are also good as they have impact on environment but they are not sustainable as FSC certified papers.
Almost all products are available which are FSC certified like envelopes, many printers offers these paper for better environmental conservation.

Paper deodorant packaging:
As we all know paper comes from a natural resource. It is eco friendly and it does not harm the environment. Plastics which are floating in our seas and oceans directly destroy environment as they are not sustainable. After the  5oth anniversary celebration of earth day, major brands are decided to launch all papers, plastic free deodorant packaging which are certified by FSC. Thus by using FSC certified papers over conventional papers it can reduce pollution of environment. Also paper deodorant has natural ingredients that prevent bad odor. The longer you use natural deodorant, the less you tend to sweat.

Eco friendly deodorant:
Eco friendly deodorants are the deodorants which are completely sustainable and they are completely beneficial for environment and your health. Regular deodorants vary in everything from skin irritation, health risks, and make perspiration worse. Therefore we recommend eco friendly deodorants which are natural and can help to prevent you from all these issues. They are not just good for your body but also has environmental benefits too. The use of eco friendly deodorants does not contain any harmful chemical. Therefore no chemical can reach the environment and wild life can be prevented.
These natural deodorants can be used in cosmetics for skin care.

Paper Tube Deodorant:
Paper tube deodorant is one of the best and popular packaging for beauty products. It is made of 90% recycled paper certified by FSC. It is natural and so it has a beautiful and eye catching look. Due to this customer wants to buy the deodorant. It is light weighted that makes it easier to handle. It is beneficial over plastics as it is recyclable. It also provides good protection to the packaged product against damage and contamination. Due to its eco friendly nature it contributes to prevent environment. Packaging of paper tube deodorant is biodegradable and does not leave behind harmful packaging rate. So paper tube deodorants are the great alternatives over plastics.

Less waste deodorant:.
Less waste means taking the resources from the earth and later send them to the landfills. Less waste deodorant has many economic, environmental and health benefits. Not all deodorants are eco-friendly, if you want more sustainability; look for a deodorant that has less waste.
These less waste deodorants are useful as they are long lasting and have good quality. They are eco friendly and reduce plastic pollution in oceans.
Less waste deodorant plays important role to prevent environment by saving energy. Recycling is one of the best way to save energy.
Less waste products are opens the eyes of consumer’s and they are now demanding paper packaging of beauty products over plastics.
So less waste deodorant is an efficient lifestyle choice. It provides benefits to both environment and people’s health.

Zero waste deodorant:
Zero waste deodorant is 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly cardboard paper tube. Switching from plastic to natural zero waste deodorant is amazing for many reasons. It is more sustainable which prevents environmental pollution.
Its beneficial for skin as it contains coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate materials.
It is recyclable therefore you can buy second hand and saves your money. In beauty products, packaging of product must be good to catch a customer. Zero waste packaging are fully FSC certified therefore creates a good look of deodorant package. It is affordable and natural.
The ultimate goal of zero waste is to recycle the stuff without throwing it.

What we offer
 Deodorants are the parts of our everyday lifestyle. It keeps our sweat in control and keeps us ready for the rest of the day.. They are almost available worldwide. Some beauty industries are still use plastic contain packaging products which we all know are the problem of environmental pollution.
 People are now aware of natural deodorants and beauty industries also focus on making paper deodorants.
As a part of paper cosmetics we offer you to buy deodorants which are fully natural eco friendly and beneficial We have best deodorants which are fully FSC certified. Our paper deodorants contain active ingredients which prevent sweat. They are natural and safe for skin. They are long lasting as well as possess natural look. Our motive is to provide the quality product to our customers that will help them in anyway. Therefore we avoid the use of plastics and our environment and people.