Black Lives Matter I photo cred: @yakooza

To Our Community

At Paper Cosmetics we pride ourselves on providing sustainable options for the personal care products that we create for our common future. Our friends, clients, customers and partners represent diverse backgrounds, political associations and viewpoints. We typically use our voice to speak to issues where we have expertise: sustainability, natural ingredients and waste.

But this is no time for silence.

We know that prejudice and unequal justice exists to different degrees everywhere. In America, in Europe, in Africa... in too many places!

Yet there is an abhorrent history of racial injustice in the US. The continued patterns of violence and unequal treatment of black people in our country are devastating, embarrassing and unacceptable.

The issues we´re facing today are not new, but we find ourselves at a historical crossroads where we have the opportunity to address them meaningfully. Collectively, we are living through one of the most challenging periods in recent history, experiencing unprecedented public outcry against horrific, racially motivated violence while simultaneously in the midst of a global pandemic.

Covid-19 is temporary. Ultimately a vaccine will be developed that will allow us to tame this virus. Injustice and prejudice are a pandemic of a different sort, and they are tearing this amazing country apart. There will be no vaccine for this pandemic. Only a commitment to embracing change on all levels, starting with ourselves, is the right way forward.

For now, we are taking a moment to stand in solidarity with our black friends, customers, partners to simply say: We are with you. Our destiny is intertwined, and we support you.

Paper Cosmetics is not an organization that should lead the conversation. We are here to actively listen to those that are, to learn, to speak up and engage, and to use our platform to show and integrate their beauty.


The PĀPR Team