It is not a fallacy that most packaging tends to be non- biodegradable thereby affecting our environment negatively. This is a good and honest reason why we have chosen to introduce our “Natural Deodorant with Sustainable, Eco-friendly packaging”.

PÂPR deodorant is one of the very few with packaging concerned about the Skin and the Earth also. It is made from sourced paper and corn starch which makes it biodegradable unlike Plastics.

If you need to get a Beauty product, products with natural ingredients should be at the top of your list.  PÂPR is right there as it contains safe, vegan natural ingredients beneficial to your skin.

PÂPR is not one sided to care about the packaging and place less attention on the constituents of the merchandise. Our products are aluminum free, papraben free and non-toxic to the environment and your body!

One of our ingredients includes Coconut oil (Coco’s nucifera) which has been studied to possess health benefit.

It boasts of no cholesterol, no fiber, traces of vitamins, minerals and plant sterols. Plant sterols have a chemical form that imitates blood cholesterol and should help to block the absorption of cholesterol in the body.

'I mainly use coconut oil on my skin because of its antifungal and anti-bacterial properties' Debbie Thomas a facialist says.  Over 80% of coconut oil is composed of saturated fats which in turn are amazing at repairing your skin and keeping it moisturized by reducing the evaporation level. It soaks in quite well without supplying you with a feel of greasiness. Coconut oil is needed if your skin barrier function is disturbed because it easily seeps into your skin pores.


One thing to note is that this effects come fully into play when the oil is raw. At PÂPR, there is no less than that as we bring into play natural coconut oil. This maintains the oil properties making it an excellent choice as one of our ingredients.

Virgin Coconut oil is created by pressing fresh coconut meat, milk or residue and pressing dried coconut meat to make Caspora, refined coconut oil. It is gotten by drying the residue or wet milling and employing a screw press to urge the oil out. Virgin coconut oil is less processed and is often recommended in beauty due to its long chain fatty acids such as Lauric acid.

Coconut oil is additionally beneficial in the reduction of stress because it consists of antioxidants which can be useful in treating some sorts of depression.

Another thing this oil can boast of as an effect is shiny and healthy. Cocos nucifera protects the hair from damage and seeps into the skin better than mineral oils, it also enhances the shine of the skin.

Healthy Skin: Coconut extract enhances a protective  barrier on the skin resulting to a new line of its benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties, helping to heal skin and moisturizing of the skin. The medium chain fatty acids found in Cocos nucifera with its anti-micro bacterial properties can help treat acne and prevent odor causing bacteria.

Weight loss: If you are concerned about losing weight, let your deodorant contain unrefined coconut oil and PÂPR fills this space confidently.

Liver Protection: Coconut oil which is mainly saturated fat is said to undergo series of reactions making it easily obtainable for energy use.

PÂPR deodorant containing coconut oil consists of no chemicals and labors to kill bacterial growth which occurs when sweat comes in touch with your body, thereby causing body odor. It can easily be noticed that bacterial growth occurs more where sweat is produced and its effect of odor can easily escalate if not curbed. PÂPR deodorant containing coconut oil with its anti-bacterial properties leaves you smelling nice, feeling refreshed and clean.

Sweating is our body’s natural way of detoxing. We sweat to cool down and give up toxins to the atmosphere. Sweating is healthy, we shouldn’t apply chemicals to our body that artificially stop natural functions. Many deodorants out there contain chemicals, like paraben and aluminum that function to stop or slow our natural process of perspiration. This is where PÂPR coconut oil deodorant comes in as a natural body deodorizer freeing you of the odor instead of stopping or preventing sweat.

In addition to protecting your underarms from unpleasant odor, PÂPR coconut oil deodorant additionally benefits you by moisturizing and protecting it against skin irritation. With the absence of chemical additives, PÂPR plant-based coconut deodorant is not harsh on your skin. This natural body deodorizer also hydrates your skin under your arms, offering protection against eczema, acne and also working as a barrier against more bacterial growth.

PÂPR Deodorants has left the line of beauty products which often contain parabens, which can be toxic and irritating to the skin. We have also separated our ingredients from aluminum, which some studies may claim pose health risks in the near future. 

Natural, Vegan coconut oils infused has come just in time too. Recently there’s been a ton of buzz around the negative impacts of chemical deodorants, most times antiperspirants with paragon and aluminum as ingredients which work to put a stop to our body’s natural sweating process. That is why we introduced our deodorant of coconut oil infused, Paraben-free, aluminum-free deodorants.

PÂPR coconut oil infused deodorant does not only show positive results on the consumers but also on the planet Earth as its containing vessel can be broken down and not cause soil pollution unlike plastics or glass.

PÂPR Deodorants is easy to carry, non-greasy, attacks bacteria causing odor, limits bacterial growth, easily applicable, leaves you smelling good and feeling refreshed and smell natural from cold pressed essential oils.

It also helps that we are certified by FSC and PETA and are consciously aware that Deodorants are applied to sensitive areas of the body and so we wouldn’t take a gamble on that with your body.

Now where is a good bargain?