Excessive packaging waste: What is sustainable packaging?

Excessive packaging waste: What is sustainable packaging?

Less is more regarding shipping materials and packaging.

The unchecked growth in population and a rise in the global economy have affected our environment badly. We are constantly depleting the natural resources of our planet and left with no option except to opt for eco-friendly practices to save our mother nature from disaster.

Going green is the only choice to survive and grow businesses these days. Consumers are much aware of the environmental conditions and they would prefer to go with those brands that aim to protect the environment. 

For brands, it is not just nice to go for green marketing but it is their utmost need to promote eco-friendly and sustainable packaging.

The use of plastic is a total NO to avoid polluting our land and oceans as it takes years to decompose. The excessive packaging waste is further harmful to our environment. That’s why consumers demand more eco-friendly products and that too with much sustainable packaging. If you want to compete and excel in your business you need to adopt these demands for exponential growth and to outreach your competitors easily.

Paper deodorant box

What is sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging is defined as the packaging which reduces its environmental impact over time and is also safe to use for people and the surrounding environment. 

For long enough we are aware of these words; Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, but for now, you need to understand that your brand must value these terms to prove its worth among consumers. 

There are a number of ways to attain sustainable packaging:

  • First, use 100% raw or recycled materials.
  • Keep an eye on your production process and try to lower the carbon footprint.
  • Rethink your packaging and improvise it for reusability.

But sustainable packaging doesn’t always come in handy as you need to take care of social factors alongside eco-factors. Business needs to understand that it may cost higher but in the long run, it will prove to be very profitable for them and the environment too. People are more interested in buying eco-friendly products. 

The sustainable packaging coalition offers a perfect roadmap to certify sustainable packaging. They give proper criteria to follow for a certain brand to get its label of sustainable packaging.

Now more and more brands are following these criteria to gain the trust of their consumers and to grow their business. 

Sustainable packaging for shipping or shipping material: 

Instead of shipping in huge boxes, you can use eco-mailers to deliver the product. It will save you both space and money.

Embed seeds in your packaging material so if people throw them out they will grow new plants and prove to be eco-friendly.

Flaunt your sustainable approaches in your marketing campaigns so people know that you care for the environment and they’ll value your effort.

Just like the environment, your body needs natural products with less waste material to do more harm than use. And if you’re looking for a zero waste or eco-friendly deodorant you’re at the perfect place. We at papercosmetics.com will make sure to give you sustainable products with paper deodorant packaging.

Why do we choose to have paper tube deodorant than plastic?

Just like lipsticks, deodorants have a creamy texture and they contact directly with your body. You need to take much more care of the ingredients and packaging material than any other product.

We know people want to take care of mother nature but they also want to flaunt their fashionista choices and looks and so they need to make careful decisions while choosing any product.

Usually for deodorants packaging glass material is used but we want something more durable and easily portable. And there comes the idea of using paper tube deodorants. Paper tube packaging comes with a whole package of being least expensive, renewable, and obviously the cute looks. And what would be better than having a biodegradable option? It is perfect I guess.

Benefits of paper tube deodorant packaging:

Apart from being eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and biodegradable, the paper tube deodorants are natural deodorants that mean they don’t have any harmful chemicals to protect the skin from any allergic reactions. Moreover, the push type paper deodorant tube offers a great deal of moving the deodorant up to the level to apply it easily. 

Paper tube packaging is made of 100% raw material which is recyclable. 

The material used for paper deodorant packaging:

The material used for the packaging of paper tube deodorants is Cardboard. Yes, it’s 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable, ethical, and sustainable to suit best as a packaging material.

Cardboard is organic and it can hold much pressure to keep your product safe inside. You can also use double or triple-layered cardboard boxes for better safety. 

A plus point is you can make boxes of any size and any shape with these cardboards. All you have to do is to take care of your product’s nature and you can craft a packaging design yourself. It offers a great range of possibilities to do experiments with the designs and choose the best one. For our deodorants cylindrical or tube packaging is the best possible design that matches your brand’s reputation. Furthermore, you can also print beautiful designs or logos to make them more attractive and appealing.


If we summarize our whole discussion, adopting eco-friendly choices is no more an option; it's the ultimate demand of the consumers, and brands need to follow it whether they like it or not.

From a marketing point of view, most of the brand uses these sustainable or environmental-friendly logos just as a PR stunt as they know the psyche of their customers. They play with the words to take their business on the edge of making profits.

But here we make sure that we ship with recycled paper eco-mailers (not boxes) and do not include filling materials or marketing inserts to get it to the customer door.

We make sure that we deliver what we promised to gain the trust of our customers and to make sure that our environment is also safe.