The holidays are once again approaching and if there is an important time to smell nice and feel fresh the holidays are the time for it. From family gatherings, to work dinners, you’d want to stand out beautifully; it however is so unfortunate that whenever people think of standing out, they only think about clothing and leave essential scent which carries a large portion in standing out beautifully. 

Imagine if a lady or a guy passes by you and you get a whiff of their scent. You’ve experienced that right? And it makes you want to go right up to them to ask for the sort of perfume, body spray or cologne and then rush to the store after to get that type. In that moment, the sort of clothing did not matter, just that scent you perceive is just right for you.

Getting that scent which is just ‘right’ for you may prove to be difficult at times, oh! And the occasion has to be given a sizeable amount of consideration. During the holiday’s period, everywhere feels lively with decorations going up in different styles; this period also brings nostalgia as it brings reminiscence of memories gotten during this period from childhood up till now. So believe us, when we say we understand that choosing the right scent can sometimes prove to be difficult, but we are here to help! Aren’t we?

In this article, we will be discussing how cypress and cedar wood can stand out in your collection of essential oils as a perfect scent for this period.

Cedarwood essential oil is one that possesses several applications in different sectors of life, whether for the amazing fragrance to linger on your skin and turn heads or stimulate strength during an exercise, the uses of this oil is a long stretch.

  • Cedarwood oil produces a calming, relaxing effect on the consumer making it a popular product in spas.
  • Cedarwood as it is hailed for its ability to purify the skin absolves imperfections as a result of its antimicrobial properties.
  • The sedative properties of this essential oil have proved to be beneficial to those having issues sleeping thus naturally promoting respite from pressure, stress, worry and tension and relieving anxiety.
  • Cedarwood essential oil also possesses invigorating properties which is said to improve the brain’s activity.
  • Its anti-fungal properties make this essential oil widely loved and appreciated.

The combination of all this properties enhances concentration while at the same time renders assistance to the body in decreasing hyperactivity. Cedarwood oil also help to alleviate skin irritation, it also referred to as a shield for the skin against toxins in the process reducing the chance of skin breakouts to none.

Cypress oil as a type of essential oil is made from the components like leaves, branches of the cypress tree. 

Mainly produced from Cupressus sempervirens, cypress oil is said to produce a lovely scent alongside its number of health benefits. Cypress tree which grows in the Mediterranean and Italy region is said to be tallest tree in the world being eighty foot tall.

Accompanied by scientific back-up, cypress oil is said to have the following benefits.

  • A constituent of cypress oil, camphene is responsible for the relief of cough in cough patients.
  • Cypress oils are well known for their anti-bacterial properties as their application may soothe the region and kill present bacteria.
  • As a result of cypress oil being anti-microbial and antibacterial, it renders its assistance in cleaning grazes, scratches and wounds. As an addition to its antimicrobial effects, cypress oils are usually recommended to treat clear pimple-worsening bacteria.
  • Along with camphene, cypress oil contains monoterpenes which renders quite an amount of help in the improvement of an oily skin look.
  • Cypress oil has been used over time for their known relief for headaches.
  • Along with Cedarwood oil, Cypress essential oils also possess antiseptic properties as it is said to be able to be used on wounds, grazes and scratches.

Cypress oil which is well known for some of its therapeutic properties has a woody fragrance accompanied by a fresh, clean scent. The natural scent of cypress is used in a number of natural deodorants and cologne. It is no wonder why it is used a lot in spas and in massage therapy because of its rejuvenating fragrance, invigorating calm benefits and skin benefits.

An essential oil which blends well with Cedarwood oil is cypress oil.  Cedarwood oil tends to be one with a warm woody scent responsible for the production of a fragrance drawing remembrance to the outdoors, and it blends amazingly well with herbal oils and woody scents like Cypress oil.

When used either differently or together, it is obvious that these essential oils possess great advantages in addition to the fragrance they emit. Whether, when used in aromatherapy or little drops in lotion, these essential oils have proved over time again and again that they do not just hold the name essential oils without having essential importance.

With the Woody sort of fragrance, these oils give; they can be used in different manner or form.

  • In hair which gives long, nice hair and prevents breakage.
  • A few drops in lotion or in spritz bottle to diminish the presence of cellulite which is caused by the retention of fluid, accumulation of body fat and weak collagen structure.
  • In spas and massage therapy which acts as a form of stress relief, alleviates headaches and induces sleep.
  • On the skin, where it exhibits its antibacterial properties working hard to remove skin issues such as eczema, acne amongst others. 

Cypress and Cedar wood essential oils have a woody, clean, fresh smell which makes it a better alternative as a natural deodorant than synthetic deodorant. Its antibacterial properties make it possible to prevent every odor causing bacteria giving you a fresh scent.

So if there is one amazing scent that you want to emit this holiday, turn heads, stand out and still have additional benefits, Cedarwood and Cypress essential oils are the bottles to purchase. 

Happy holidays!