Ancient Redwoods and Sequoia Trees have Incredible Properties.

Ancient Redwoods and Sequoia Trees have Incredible Properties.

Ancient Redwoods and Sequoia Trees have Incredible Properties.

Gentle giants.


Our company is determined to propagate the idea of going green. As our mother nature is under grave threat from planet damaging pollutants, it is our duty to step forward and bring forth every strategy we can to overpower these damages.

With our sustainable products that come with eco packaging and all natural ingredients, we have bluntly expressed our commitment to going green.

You see, with the oceans full of plastic and ozone layers depleted due to the greenhouse gases, we have deliberately made our lives miserable.

Now, all these fatal occurrences are because of many reasons, and one of them is deforestation. Wood is used in several industries due to which the rate of deforestation is getting higher and higher.

The sad part is that the rate of afforestation is very low. Truth be told, no one takes afforestation seriously because they are unable to comprehend the lethal outcomes of such activities.

In circumstances like these, one has to look for a silver lining, and fortunately, guys at Archangel Ancient Tree Archives are glimmers of hope in the night full of darkness.


The Mission of Archangel

Planting trees.


Their mission is simple. The goal is to propagate old-growth trees near extinction so that future generations do not remain deprived of those trees' immense benefits.

Another goal is to reforest the Earth with the most beneficial trees. The reason behind it is that a valuable ecosystem must prevail to bring sustainability to the environment, and it is a fruitful step against the threat of global warming.

In addition to that, the Archangel mission also includes archiving information about the genetics of ancient trees in libraries. This step will help in educating future generations about the incredible and unique features of such trees.

As we wholeheartedly support such movements, we pledge one percent of our profit annually to the Archangel mission to contribute to the amazing feats they have done and will do in the future.


Ancient Redwoods and Sequoia trees

There is no reason we cannot call ancient Redwoods and Sequoia trees nature’s skyscrapers. They are enormous and also the oldest type of plants in the world. They exist mostly in Northern California; thus, they are also known as California Redwoods.


Climate change.

The most incredible property of the Redwoods and Giant Sequoia is that they can mitigate climate change. They are enormous and can absorb a lot of dangerous carbon from the environment.

According to the Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative study, “Ancient Redwoods forests store at least three times more carbon above ground than any other forests on Earth.”

Thus, the benefits attached to the replantation of the offspring of such trees are easily understandable. The efforts of Archangel Ancient Tree Archives are undoubtedly commendable in this regard

More About Redwoods and Sequoias

Giant Redwoods

  • Live up to 2,000 years
  • Have branches up to 5 feet in diameter
  • Bark grows up to 12 inches thick
  • Can reproduce either by seed or by sprout
Giant Sequoias
  • Live up to 3,000 years
  • Have branches up to 8 feet in diameter
  • Bark grows up to 3 feet thick
  • Reproduce by seed only!